Our Signature Piece


The classic Kolohe Tahitian pearl, our signature piece. 

In this necklace, I've won competitions, been in magazines & TV shows, traveled for free, sold my jewelry at a convention where Fortune 500 businesses attended, and that's just the start. 

It's been with me through new ventures, friendships & relationships, and so much more. My best memories were in this necklace! 

Something about it brings me confidence, knowing it's unique and unlike any other necklace. It's a conversation starter, and I've sold this piece off my neck at least 10 times. 

And I'll tell you about one of the best memories I have wearing this necklace. 

In summer 2017, I was one of 17 female students selected from around the world to participate in the WBENC (Women's Business Enterprise National Council). 

A fully paid for trip for female business owners! It was a week long experience of mentorship, workshops, and a pitch competition. At the time, I wasn't fully confident in my jewelry business and so I pitched another idea, an app that connected small businesses with influencers. 

There was a large business conference fair where Fortune 500 businesses attended and I had the opportunity to sell my jewelry. 



Back track a bit, the week before I was in Vegas, I took my little sisters to Portland because they've never been to the Mainland. There was a big craft fair I wanted to sell at, but it was too last minute to get a booth. We decided to just set up shop, and so we bought a pop up table and used our airplane blanket as a table cloth. Not even 10 minutes into the show, another vendor scolds us for setting up without paying and kicks us out. 

It was a super crowded craft fair and so we decide to just set up shop by the homeless people selling their goods (some made of trash) on the side. 

Eventually, we get a booth in a corner for $40. That day, I barely broke even. It was embarrassing in front of my sisters and I felt like I wasted our last day in Portland. 

I was feeling down about my jewelry business and was convinced no one wanted to buy my pieces. 

Fast forward to Vegas, I didn't have any displays with me-so I went to the gift shop and bought anything I could use-poke chips, shot glasses, ashtrays. I even used the soap holder from my hotel bathroom. 






 We ended up selling out in 4 hours, making about $1300! 

And, that was when I realized the potential of my little jewelry business. Since then, I've treated it as a fully scalable business, and amazing things have happened. 

I've won 3 business pitch competitions, allowing me to travel to Las Vegas and Texas for free. I've been featured in two magazines and interviewed on a TV show. We're selling on Amazon, in conversation with The ABC Stores, and partnering with a subscription box in Los Angeles to sell 10,000 pieces for their Spring box. 

So, I'd say the necklace has brought me good luck, and I have no doubt it will do the same for you.